Benchmarking & Best Practices

Benchmark your corporate sustainability performance and identify areas for improvement


Learn how to prioritize sustainability investments

Gain insight into the performance of competitors and peers across industries

Understand what key stakeholders value and how to report on it

Receive advice customized for your business model

product overview

Leveraging our extensive research on the corporate sustainability performance of over 6,500 companies, we can help your company understand which sustainability issues are most important to your stakeholders. Our insights will enable you to identify both risks and opportunities based on the latest trends in different regions and sectors. We will tailor our services to your sustainability needs, whether large or small, to help you take your sustainability performance to the next level.


our approach

  • Receive a breakdown of material issues at an industry level
  • View your company’s overall sustainability rating along with scores for all 60+ environmental, social and governance indicators
  • Compare performance on selected KPIs to industry average as well as selected peers and leaders
  • Receive your company’s controversy rating
  • Compare your company’s controversy rating to relevant peers
  • Read Sustainalytics’ detailed analysis of controversies that affect you and your peers
  • Identify material quantitative performance gaps
  • Identify material qualitative performance gaps
  • Identify and read an analysis of your company’s current strengths and best practices
  • Receive an overview of industry best practices with examples from peers
  • High-level conclusions and recommendations on current sustainability performance, focus areas and opportunities for improvement
  • Detailed conclusions and recommendations (at category and indicator level) on current sustainability performance, focus areas and opportunities for improvement


Identify, prioritize, validate and review key issues affecting your sustainability performance

Supply Chain

Map sustainability risks within your supply chain and receive timely controversy alerts

Develop a framework for your sustainability bonds and reassure investors with an independent review

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