Building a Sustainable South African Food Retail Sector

Sustainability has become important for South African businesses, as highlighted by the King III Report, integrated reporting and the CRISA codes. The food retail sector is significantly impacted, both from a supply chain and a customer perspective. Arisaig Partners, a Singapore-based investment manager, has commissioned a study to understand the environment, social and governance (ESG) issues faced by South African food retailers. Informed by on-the-ground research, the report has yielded findings which will be valuable to the industry, investors and other stakeholders.

In this webinar panellists from the research, corporate and investor point of view discussed the environmental, social and goverance issues facing South African food retailers specifically and concerns for investors in emerging markets more generally.

Thanks to the panellist for providing their insight on the issue:

  • Kevin Ranney, Director, Advisory Services, Sustainalytics
  • Rebecca Lewis, Investment Analyst, Arisaig Partners
  • Nicky van Hille, Director, The Moss Group
  • Kevin O'Brien, Company Secretary and Head of Sustainability, SPAR

Moderated by Claire Veuthey, Associate Responsible Investment Adviser, Sustainalytics

Research report:


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