Drones and Human Rights: Emerging Issues for Investors

The rapid advancement and widespread use of drone technology among the world’s military has sparked debate among producers, investors and civil society, as the topic has been subjected to heavy scrutiny by the media and other stakeholders. Of particular concerns are human right issues related to the use of “fully autonomous” drones, the use of military drones outside of conflict zones and privacy issues related to military and civilian use of drones. 

Sustainalytics’ expert analysts explore the human rights-related issues surrounding the proliferation of drones and discuss how investor can address and manage those risks. 

Panelists: Dr. Ilse Griek, Human Rights Specialist and Terence Berkleef, Defense Sector Expert


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The subject of this webinar was based on Sustainalytics’ report Drones & Human Rights: Emerging Issues for Investors. Follow the link to download the full report.