First-ever Colombian Sustainability Ranking Published

Sustainalytics and Semana Sostenible list the 20 most sustainable companies in Colombia

BOGOTÁ, Colombia – March 24, 2014 – Today, Publicaciones Semana, Colombia’s leading magazine publisher, and Sustainalytics released “Las 20 Más Sostenibles” – the first-ever corporate sustainability ranking published in Colombia and the first Spanish-language listing in Latin America. Published as part of the March 23th issue of the CSR-focussed Semana Sostenible, the ranking lists the top 20 most sustainable companies operating in Colombia and intends to raise awareness among investors and businesses about the growing importance of corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance among global capital markets.

The companies included in the ranking were selected using Sustainalytics’ research framework and methodology for measuring corporate ESG performance. The selected companies had the highest overall ESG scores among Colombia-based companies in Sustainalytics’ research universe. Additionally, analysis of selected companies’ ESG performances against sector and industry best practices showed them to be true sustainability leaders. The companies included in this year’s ranking represent a variety of sectors such as banking, food, utilities, and building materials. 

“‘Las Más 20 Sostenibles’ shines a light on some of Colombia’s sustainability leaders,” said Alejandro Navarro, Sustainalytics’ Bogotá-based responsible investment associate. “As the global sustainable investment movement continues to grow and Latin American markets continue to open up to foreign investment, it is important for the Latin American business community to be aware of the importance of ESG factors for foreign and local investors.”

The number of investors worldwide considering corporate sustainability in their investment decisions has been increasing steadily. As of January 2014, the Principles for Responsible Investment, the United Nations-backed coalition of global institutional investors and asset managers, reported more than 1,200 signatories with assets managed under sustainable and responsible investment principles totalling $34 trillion USD.

Take a look at the 20 most sustainable companies in Colombia or download a copy of the latest issue of Semana Sostenible.



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