Global Access

Global Access enables you to access our research online


Access Sustainalytics’ products and services in a single location with a user-friendly online interface

Apply screens and run reports on-screen or in PDF, Excel and CSV format

Read insightful analyst commentaries and easily compare companies’ performance to peers

Easy to use portfolio management and monitoring capabilities


ESG Research & Ratings

Product Involvement

Corporate Governance Research & Ratings

Global Standards Screening



Access Timely, Comprehensive Research

  • Easily view overall, and indicator-specific, quantitative ESG and corporate governance data and read our analysts’ qualitative commentaries
  • Identify controversial companies, see geographic distribution of incidents and read qualitative analyses with analysts’ outlook
  • Understand the nature and level of each company’s involvement in a range of products and business activities

Robust Screening & Reporting Tools

  • Quickly and easily create custom screens and reports based on your investment mandate or philosophy
  • Filter companies based on a broad range of ESG criteria with the screening tool
  • View filtered results on-screen, create investable universes based on screening criteria, and export results to Excel
  • Create custom Excel and .csv reports using our full range of research and analysis with the report generation tool

Track holdings with the Portfolio Management and Monitoring Tools

  • Easily integrate and manage your customized portfolios and monitor the ESG performance of your holdings
  • Import, amend, and share portfolios through Global Access’ portfolio management feature
  • Receive semi-monthly, monthly or quarterly alerts directly to your inbox on ESG-related incidents and events that may pose portfolio risk

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