KnowTheChain Benchmarking Findings | Webinar

Online Webinar
Thursday, January 19, 2017

In 2016, KnowTheChain and its partners, benchmarked 60 large global companies on their efforts to address forced labour and human trafficking in high risk sectors. This webinar will review the results of the 2016 benchmarks on the Information & Technology Communication, Food & Beverage, and Apparel & Footwear sectors. Speakers will provide insight into why forced labour is relevant to investors and how investors can use the benchmark findings to address forced labour in their portfolios.

Sustainalytics’ senior advisor Megan Wallingford will join the panel to discuss the finding from the benchmarks. (Sustainalytics collaborated with KTC in the development of the benchmark methodology, as well as conducted the company research and contributed to the findings.)

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