LatinSIF takes responsible investment on the road

The newly formed Latin American Sustainable Investment Forum (LatinSIF) has begun to raise awareness about the value of incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decision making. The initiative, driven by the Colombian Securities Exchange (BVC – Bolsa de Valores de Colombia), Sustainalytics and Deloitte aims to create a network among the region’s financial and corporate players to collaborate and share knowledge about responsible investment.

To spread the word about its activities, the LatinSIF co-organized a Responsible Investment Road Show in conjunction with the United Nations backed-Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). With stops in Chile and Colombia (and another planned for Peru November 4th and 5th), audiences were introduced to the LatinSIF and guided through the key issues and concepts related to responsible investment and its role in Latin America's business environment. Presenters included two of Brazil’s most active PRI signatories, Previ and Itaú Asset Management, as well as Sustainalytics. The intention of the roadshow was to provide a varied perspective of responsible investment with organizations representing each of the signatory categories.

LatinSIF’s work does not stop here. Its third annual responsible investment event is taking place December 3rd in Bogotá, Colombia. Additionally, smaller events and meetings are being planned to help facilitate the conversation between investors and companies about the value generated by corporate sustainability initiatives. Finally, a whitepaper is being produced to help promote the discussion about responsible investment in Latin America.

2014 will be a year filled with challenges and opportunities for responsible investment in Latin America. The LatinSIF has already set out a regional work plan and is eager build capacity among its members and facilitate collaboration and greater understanding within the financial industry. 

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Alejandro Navarro

César Rodríguez
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This article appears in the October 2013 issue of Sustainalytics Reporter.

Alejandro Navarro, Responsible Investment Associate

Alejandro Navarro
Responsible Investment Associate