Sector Report - Real Estate

Investments in global real estate have surged in recent years, with investors drawn by the sector's stable cash flows, large upside potential and low correlation with other asset classes. Sustainalytics' sector research report, Real Estate - Two Steps Forward, One Step Back, examines the trends impacting the industry and the ESG investment risks and opportunities for 286 public and private real estate companies. 

With buildings accounting for 40 percent of global primary energy consumption and 30 percent of C02 emissions, new financial incentives will likely be required to help the industry unlock cost savings (and environmental gains) from energy efficiency. Based on our research, energy use and GHG emissions, product sustainability and business ethics are the most material ESG issues for the sector. 

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have also been celebrated for providing investors with access to the commercial real estate market, but their governance structures could lead to sub-optimal outcomes for shareholders. In our spotlight section, we offer investors some recommendations on how they can potentially minimize their exposure to corporate governance risks in real estate.

On Thursday, October 29 Sustainalytics will hosted a webinar to present the findings from its Real Estate Sector report. To access a replay and the webinar slides please click here.

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