Sector Reports

Sustainalytics’ Sector Reports provide a comprehensive overview of the trends and challenges facing companies within their sectors. Clients will gain insights into the industry-specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that may pose material risks and opportunities to companies and their shareholders.

These reports identify industry leaders and laggards and outline best practices surrounding key performance indicators. Investors develop an understanding of the linkages between core business drivers, such as access to resources or regulatory environment,  and key ESG issues such as community relations or climate change. Case studies, based on research from the Sustainalytics’ Global Platform, provide concrete examples of best practices and incidents of noncompliance and underperformance.

To learn more about our Sector Reports, please contact your account manager or one of our responsible investment advisers.

To download a sample Industry Report on the utilities sector, click here.


Sector Reports at a Glance

  • Research and analysis from our expert analysts
  • Details the trends and challenges within sectors
  • Lists the best practices 
  • Lists sector leaders and laggards
  • Case studies