Unconventional Oil and Gas Webinar Series: Shale Gas Development: Australian Edition

The third installment of the Unconventional Oil and Gas Webinar Series focuses on natural gas development in Australia. To meet a growing demand for alternative sources of energy, Australian companies are testing the environmental boundaries in oil and gas development. The environmental impacts related to shale gas  and coal seam gas development are a growing concern among Australians and responsible investors.

In this webinar the role investors play in mitigating these risks is discussed. Panellists included:

  • Dayna Linley-Jones, Senior Analyst, Sustainalytics
  • Pablo Berrutti, Head of Responsible Investment Asia Pacific, Colonial First State Global Asset Management
  • Nithya Iyer, Manager, Environmental and Social Responsibility, Australian Council of Superannuation Investors


Research report:

Fracking Under Pressure: The Environmental and Social Impacts and Risks of Shale Gas Development (.pdf)