Webinar on 10 for 2015 - Generating Value in a Fragile Market

Sustainalytics’ thematic report “10 for 2015 – Generating Value in a Fragile Market” offers a macro level view of how global economic decisions relate to ESG trends and a micro view that reveals the most significant ESG risks and opportunities at 10 companies. With valuable ESG insights, the report helps investors with their asset allocation and asset selection processes.   
In this webinar, Sustainalytics' Dr Hendrik Garz and Doug Morrow share insight into the findings from the report with a specific emphasis on the 10 companies. The stories include five companies with a negative tilt and five with a positive tilt, and each story addresses key ESG issues that are likely to have a material impact on companies' operations.
Dr. Hendrik Garz, Managing Director Thematic Research
Doug Morrow, Associate Director Thematic Research
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