Webinar - ESG Tilts and Value Creation

Sustainalytics and Russell Investments, the global asset manager and creator of the Russell global indexes, hosted a webinar to present the findings from Russell’s recent report titled, "Are ESG tilts consistent with value creation?" The report aims to describe market indices and active manager universes in terms of ESG scores.

In this interview-style webinar Russell Investments' Leola Ross and William Pearce examine the relationship between ESG tilts and value creation in active security selection. They also shared insights from the report, including regional differences to ESG approaches, ESG scores for developed markets versus emerging markets, and why investors may want to focus more on the impact of ESG on investment returns.

Leola Ross, Ph.D. CFA, Director, Capital Markets Research, Russell Investments
William Pearce, ASIP, Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Portfolios, Russell Investments
Max Zehrt, CFA, Director, Advisory Services, Sustainalytics

To access the webinar replay, please click here