WEBinASIA: Mining in Asia - How to Manage ESG Risks?

In our second edition of the WEBinASIA series, Mining in Asia: How to manage ESG risks?, Peter Albert, CEO of G-Resources and Loic Dujardin, Research Director at Sustainalytics highlighted the ESG-related risks such as water scarcity, health and safety, community relations and corruption that can significantly impact mining companies' bottom line and therefore, investor portfolios. Loic drew on Sustainalytics research to show investors how to identify the companies in their portfolios with exposure to such risks and recommendations to manage these risks while Peter discussed the above mentioned ESG risks in relation to G-Resources' operations and their ability to manage these risks.

G-Resources Group Limited (HKEx:1051) is a gold company based and listed in Hong Kong. The company’s main asset is the Martabe Gold and Silver Mine, located in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Panelist: Peter Albert, CEO, G-Resources
Moderator: Loic Dujardin, Director, Research Products, Sustainalytics


Due to the large number of questions received during the Q&A, panelists did not have time to answer them all. You can view the unanswered questions from the Q&A session HERE.

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