Controversy Alerts

With our controversy alerts service, you receive periodic updates on the development of controversies in your investment portfolio


Better manage reputational risks by tracking the development of controversies within your portfolio

Identify ESG risks and issues for engagement as they develop

Receive timely updates as controversies evolve

Speak directly to our analysts and sector specialists


Receive email alerts on a semi-monthly, monthly or quarterly basis that track the development of controversies in your portfolio. Each alert contains an easy-to-use Excel file that lists company names with the corresponding controversy type. For each change in assessment, we give the estimated importance of the change, an indication of whether it is positive or negative and we list the new controversy assessment on a scale of one to five.


Complement our controversies research with dedicated ESG research and ratings

Receive detailed information and analyses on controversies

Receive timely reports that capture governance-related incidents in real time

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