Impact Metrics

Analyze and report the impact of your portfolio and holdings on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and impact themes

Sustainalytics’ Impact Metrics is a set of company-level metrics that provide a useful measure of impact. Each metric can be used to report on at least one theme in our new Impact Framework and for at least one of the 17 SDGs. Leveraging Sustainalytics’ Impact Metrics, investors can fulfill their diverse ESG investing activities, from reporting on the company-specific or fund-level impact of their investments to security selection and product creation. The versatile dataset can also be adapted and used for various sustainability, impact or disclosure frameworks.

The Impact Metrics set encompasses:

Products and services

25 product and service metrics


Operational metrics

18 operational metrics

    Introducing Our new impact framework:

The bedrock of our Impact Solutions is our Impact Framework, which includes six impact themes that align to one or more of the SDGs and encompass all potential environmental and social impacts related to company activities.

Impact Framework
    Key Benefits
Product metrics

Product and Operational Metrics

The metrics help our clients understand companies’ impact outcomes from their products and services vs. their operations.

Versatile data

Versatile Dataset

Our dataset can be adapted and used for various sustainability, impact, or disclosure frameworks.


Up-to-Date and Complete Data

We provide the most complete reported dataset available for a given fiscal year. Data is consistent and can be used for portfolio or fund level reporting.



We are transparent on how we assess companies. Where company disclosure is lacking, we provide estimates for most metrics.

    Use cases
portfolio analysis

Portfolio Analysis and Reporting:

• Client/Fund Reporting on Impact or SDGs
• Portfolio Monitoring on Impact or SDGs
• Third-Party Fund and Mandate Evaluation


Security Selection and Product Creation:

• Build impact theme or SDG-specific investment solutions
• Use as an input into proprietary impact, ESG or sustainability assessment frameworks



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