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Global Sustainability Leaders Index

The Global Sustainability Leaders Index (GSLI)* stems from the belief that companies that manage Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues well can also yield superior risk-adjusted returns. The index is composed of 100 Global Compact signatories selected on the basis of Sustainalytics’ proprietary ESG Rating, which identifies the top sustainability performers within their respective sectors and regions.

The Jantzi Social Index (JSI) was launched in January 2000 in partnership with Dow Jones Indexes. It is a socially screened, market capitalization-weighted common stock index modeled on the S&P/TSX 60 consisting of 50 Canadian companies that pass broad set of ESG criteria. The JSI has begun to generate the first definitive data on the effects of social screening on financial performance in Canada.

Morningstar created a series of indexes that provide exposure to equities that score highly on sustainable investing criteria, achieving high Morningstar Sustainability Globe Ratings. Sustainalytics collaborated with Morningstar to create the indexes and our research underpins their Sustainability Globe Ratings.

S&P Dow Jones and TMX Group, operator of the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), launched an investable index in 2010 to track cleantech companies listed on the exchange. Sustainalytics developed the methodology and provides the research and analysis of the companies that form the S&P/TSX Renewable Energy and Clean Technology Index.

STOXX Limited worked with Sustainalytics to launch the Global ESG Leaders Index family, an innovative series of ESG indexes, which are based on sustainability research provided by Sustainalytics.

The SIX Swiss Exchange partnered with STOXX and Sustainalytics in 2014 to create an index comprising the 25 most sustainable companies of the Swiss SMI Expanded Index.

The United Nations Global Compact partnered with Sustainalytics in 2013 to create this global index whose constituents are a representative set of 100 UN Global Compact signatories that have demonstrated strong practices and performance in implementing the Global Compact principles.

In 2016, Singapore Exchange (SGX) partnered with Sustainalytics to launch the SGX Sustainability Indices, a suite of equity indexes composed of SGX-listed stocks introduced by SGX Index Edge. Sustainalytics provides the ESG research and ratings for SGX-listed companies that underpin these indexes.


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