Sustainable Development Analytics

Align your portfolio and holdings to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Identify companies with a strong or weak operational and product alignment to the SDGs

Report on your portfolio and its individual holdings’ alignment to the SDGs to clients and internal stakeholders

Adjust the weight of individual portfolio holdings based on their alignment to the SDGs and select from a range of benchmark options



Covers all
major indices



Product alignment score for each SDG (based on product involvement)

Overall SDG-alignment score for each company

Operational alignment score for each SDG (based on company preparedness, performance and controversies)


Operational and Product alignment portfolio-level scores

Overall portfolio-level score based on the weight of each holding


Comparison of portfolio scores with a selected benchmark

Comparison of sector-level performance to a benchmark


We take a value chain approach to our assessment, considering both a company’s operational and product alignment. Operationally, we consider a company’s preparedness and performance, alongside involvement in controversies. On the products side we assess involvement in sustainable product and services (aligned products), like renewable energy, and controversial products (misaligned products), like thermal coal.


Gain full access to our flagship ESG research with company analyses and all indicators (incl. indicators used to determine SDG alignment)

Gain more insight into company involvement in controversies that pose a reputation risk or which detracts from the objectives of the SDGs

Gain more insight into product and service lines that are (not) aligned to the SDGs

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