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Sustainable Finance Solutions

As the responsible sector has grown and matured, there has been more demand for ESG research and products for new uses, like integrating sustainability data into capital raising activities.

Our Sustainable Finance Solutions team provides services tailored for issuers, corporates, and banks. 

Our global team of sustainable finance experts works closely with issuers and underwriters to support the development of green, social or sustainability bond frameworks and to bring those bond issuances to market.

Give Investors the confidence in your Bond Issuance

Second-Party Opinions is highly recommended as a step forward towards the Green Bond Issuance. It gives your investors’ the confidence that your proceeds will be used for projects aligned to Environmental and Social benefits. Hence, verification of your bond issuance has a positive impact on the share holder value.

Lower your cost of Capital

Investors’ across the globe are monitoring the impact of good management which includes corporation investments towards a better environment, investments in social factors and their governance practices. ESG, as it is called, is an important component geared towards providing financial benefits to the corporations. It is recommended that a corporation gets its ESG score (ESG Risk Rating) to gain capital advantages as it issues a bond, or when a company applies for a Green or a Sustainable Loan.

Amplify your Sustainable Story

Advertising your ESG Risk Rating or an ESG Score, or when you verify your Green Bond Issuance through a Second-Party Opinion sends out a very positive message to your investors and to your end-customers. It showcases your commitment to Sustainable initiatives to your end customers and investors. It builds up a positive sentiment in your market, eventually helping you grow a better stock price value. Sustainalytics offers you to licence your ESG Risk Ratings and allows to use it with your advertising of Sustainable Initiatives. This also lowers the cost of a loan or another debt instrument.

Give Investors the confidence in your Bond Issuance

Second-Party Opinions is highly recommended as a step forward towards the Green Bond Issuance. It gives your investors’ the confidence that your proceeds will be used for projects aligned to Environmental and Social benefits. Hence, verification of your bond issuance has a positive impact on the share holder value.

Get the due Diligence for your client’s Bond Issuance

A verification of your client’s bond issuance by an approved verifier such as Sustainalytics, ensures your due diligence of your client commitments to Sustainable projects. An external verification, or a Second-Party Opinion verifies the bonds framework including its use of proceeds and management of proceeds.

Integrate ESG Ratings with Sustainable loan products

ESG Ratings of your client can help you identify and assess your client’s commitments. It helps you attract Borrowers that align with your ambition of improved ESG performance. When we link a Green Loan or a Sustainable Loan, you can offer preferred rates to companies. This can encourage companies to improve their management of environmental and Social issues. In parallel, helps you build a better Sustainable Portfolio. 

Sustainalytics and Sustainable Finance Solutions

Sustainalytics is a leading global provider of ESG research and ratings.  For more than 25 years, the firm has been helping asset managers, pension funds and other institutional market participants integrate ESG factors into their investment processes.

Sustainalytics’ core business is producing research on ESG-related risk assessments across 12,000 companies worldwide.  Investors use Sustainalytics’ research and ratings for investment research, portfolio management, portfolio analytics, issuer engagement and more.  Sustainalytics also offers a suite of services to helps banks, corporate issuers and various institutions involved in sustainable finance. 

About the Sustainable Finance Solutions Team 

Our Sustainable Finance Solutions team operates as a separate, independent team within Sustainalytics, overseeing a suite of products and services specifically designed to help banks, underwriters, corporate issuers, government entities, and other debt issuers. 

Issuers and lenders from around the world rely on Sustainalytics’ award-winning Green and Social Bond Services to help them develop frameworks aligned with the respective Principles and to gain insight on market best practices and investor expectations.  

Whether through green or social bond issuances, ESG-linked loans or ESG benchmarking, our globally placed sustainable finance team is committed to help you achieve your sustainable objectives. Our dedicated Sustainable Finance Solutions team has provided expert opinions on more than 230 green, social and sustainable bond frameworks from a diverse set of industries, helping hundreds of issuers and lenders to bring their bonds to market, and expedite the bond issuance process.

We are a team of Sustainable finance experts.

We know the growing interest of investors and their expectations.

We are proud to have most number of Second-Party Opinions in our portfolio.

Our large team of experts is Global and organized to keep your issuance on schedule. 

We have more than 25 years of experience in the ESG space.

Our ratings universe covers more than 12,000 companies.

Commercial Team

Nicholas Gandolfo

Associate Director, Sustainable Finance Solutions – Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Role: Commercial Lead and Customer Advocate

Languages: English (Fluent), Indonesian (Fluent), Advanced Chinese (Mandarin), Advanced Malaysian

Nicholas has joined the SFS Team as the commercial lead for the APAC Region, based in Singapore. He has approximately 15 years experience in the Asia Pacific Region (Australia, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Cambodia and Singapore). He has worked in the private and semi government sectors in both developed and emerging markets.

The bulk of Nicholas’s career to date has been spent at HSBC Group in Commercial/Corporate Banking undertaking Global Relationship Management and Team management roles as well as being involved in projects, initiatives in relation to corporate governance and strategic projects for Asia Pacific at the Bank. Nicholas also has deep experience in; Credit Risk Management, Risk Management, Governance, Business & Market Development and managing Regulatory related projects/initiatives.

Nicholas’s most recent job before joining Sustainalytics was managing BlueOrchard’s (Global Impact Investors) Asia Pacific Business (Regional Manager) which manages the largest microfinance/impact fund in the world and is active in many emerging markets providing funding to support financial inclusion.

Nicholas holds a Double Degree: Bachelor of Arts (Indonesian) and Bachelor of Commerce (Economics),after which further study was undertaken to obtain a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment (Securities Institute of Australia).

Trisha Taneja

Product and Relationship Manager, Sustainable Finance Solutions

Role: Technical Expertise, Review Committee Lead

Languages: English, French and Hindi

Trisha manages Sustainalytics’ Green and Social Bond Service globally and is responsible for the commercial activities of its Sustainable Finance Solutions team in the Americas. Trisha works to identify new market opportunities globally, advancing the commercialization of sustainability products for the loan and capital markets.

Prior to Sustainalytics, Trisha has held product, program, and team management roles in the private and non-profit sectors. She has experience working in three languages, having lived and worked in seven countries. She has expertise in the areas of quantitative financial analysis, global health, micro-finance, and impact evaluation. Trisha has a finance degree from The Fletcher School at Tufts University and is an alumna of the University of British Columbia and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.

Jean-Claude Berthelot

Associate Director, EMEA Sales, Sustainable Finance Solutions, Brussels

Role: Customer advocate and Commercial Lead

Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian

Jean-Claude has recently joined the Sustainable Finance Solutions team as the commercial lead for the EMEA region, based in Brussels. He has deep experience in corporate governance and issuer relations. In his prior role Jean-Claude was in charge of sales for Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) for a number of European countries. He also has experience as Product Manager and Head of EMEA Client Relations. Prior to joining ISS, Jean-Claude was a financial controller at Thomas & Betts. He holds a Masters' degree in Business and Administration from Solvay Business School (VUB) in Belgium.

Loic Dujardin

Managing Director, Japan


Over the past six years, Loic has been working with asset managers and pension funds in Singapore and in Japan on the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decisions. He has also led Sustainalytics Asia Pacific research team and has contributed to the continued enhancement of Sustainalytics’ overall responsible investment research offerings.

As a former senior analyst at Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) and Amundi, Loïc has a deep understanding of the ESG issues most important to investors in the Asian region. He is also an expert on water-related risks having successfully engaged on the issue with companies in the mining, utilities and food sectors in China and India.

Loic represents Sustainalytics at conferences and speaks regularly on a variety of ESG and sustainable finance topics.

Loïc has a master’s degree in International Finance from Sorbonne University in France and a bachelor’s degree from Glasgow University, Scotland.

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