Sustainable Finance Products for Banks and Lenders

Sustainable Finance Services for Banks and Lenders

Leverage ESG and sustainability to expand your product offerings and attract clients

ESG Linked Loans as a instrument of sustainable commitment

Leading banks globally use ESG ratings and data to identify lower-risk borrowers and meet sustainable financing goals.  
  • Positive ESG performance is an indicator of quality management. It verifies that the corporate borrowers represent less of a credit risk.
  • ESG Linked loans provide a financial incentive to companies keen to improve their ESG performance, hence reducing overall debt costs.
  • Advocates that Sustainable practices bode well for the business. Helps build healthier partnerships with you and your client.

Demonstrate your Sustainable Leadership

Meet your Sustainable Objectives

Improve the ESG profile of your loan book and demonstrate your own sustainable commitments. Finance companies with good quality management with a portfolio of Environment and Social projects.

Attract Corporate Issuers and Borrowers

With Sustainability performance loans, you will be able to attract corporations and other borrowers who share your ambition for improved ESG performance.

Incentivize Sustainability Improvements

The preferred borrowing rates offered with Sustainability Performance Loans can encourage companies to improve their management of environmental and social issues. In parallel, help build your Sustainable loans portfolio.

Learn about the revolving credit facility created together by ING and Philips - the first deal in the syndicated loan market where the pricing is linked to a Sustainalytics ESG rating.

Helping you meet your Sustainable Lending Goals

Sustainalytics’ team of expert industry analysts assess corporate sustainability performance, providing investors insight on companies’ exposure to and management of material environmental and social issues.  

As your Sustainability Performance Loan partner, we will assess borrowers’ eligibility, providing credible third-party ESG ratings and annual assessment updates. 

Structure your Sustainable  
Our team will work closely with you to set performance targets for your ESG loans. We will help you understand the advantages or risks associated with your lenders.

Borrower Selection 
We will assess companies’ performance on ESG factors, their scores and compare it with your peers. We will help you identify the potential red flags in case of a borrower under-performance, and check borrower’s involvement with major controversies if any.

Corporate ESG Ratings Licence 
Your client’s can get in touch with us to get their ESG Ratings Licence. A good ESG Ratings Score can have a positive impact on overall Debt raising costs.



The company and bank discuss feasibility and terms of the ESG-linked loan



We assess the eligibility of the company and apply our proprietary research methodology to provide a credible third-party rating.



We license the use of our rating to the company or lender for defined use cases 



We update the company and bank regarding potential changes to the rating resulting from controversies or the annual review  

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