Sustainalytics Sustainable Finance – Awards and Promotions

Awards and Recognitions

 Sustainalytics has been recognized globally by our clients and peers for our contributions to the sustainable finance industry


Our Second-Party Opinion Awards

We have provided more than 400 second-party opinions, working with issuers from various industries across the globe. We are proud to be voted by sutainable finance market participants as the Most Impressive Second-Party Opinion Provider for three consecutive years.

5th Green Bond Pioneer Awards

Green Bond Pioneer Awards

Presented by the Climate Bonds Initiative, Sustainalytics has been recognized as the Largest External Reviewer for Certified Climate Bonds for three consecutive years. The Green Bond Pioneer Awards recognize international leadership in green finance, showcasing the organizations, financial institutions, government bodies and individuals who have led the development of the green finance and green bond markets over the past year.

Triple A Insfrastructure Awards 2020

The Asset Triple A Asia Infrastructure Awards 2020 recognize the institutions and the deals in Asia that have contributed to the enhancement of the region’s future prospects over the past year. The awards honor all the organizations who contributed to the project. Sustainalytics was recognized in the Regional Transport Deal of the Year, Australia Green Project of the Year and Australia Transport Deal of the Year – Airport categories for providing external reviews for New South Wales (NSW) Treasury Corporation’s sustainability bond and Sydney Airport Finance Company’s sustainability-linked loan. 


Global Capital Awards

The Sustainable and Responsible Capital Market Awards are the results of an extensive market poll in which issuers, investors, investment banks and other market participants choose the most innovative deals and most creative players. In 2015 Sustainalytics was recognized as the Best SRI or Green Bond Research or Rating Firm. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Sustainalytics was voted the Most Impressive Second Opinion Provider.

Japan Green Bond Award

Sustainalytics was awarded a Japan Green Bond Awards by Ministry of Environment Japan. Sustainalytics received this honor in the category of Japan Green Contributor based on its significant contribution to the Japanese Green Bond Market, providing second-party opinions for several green and sustainability bonds issued in Japan.

Our ESG Research and Ratings Awards

Our ESG Research and Ratings have been recognized as industry leading. Sustainalytics has consistently ranked among the leading responsible investment research firms globally.

Sustainable Investment Awards | Best ESG Data Provider

Sustainalytics has been named ESG Data Provider of the Year for a second consecutive year for its ESG data solutions that support investors around the world with the development and implementation of responsible investment strategies.

Sustainable Investment Awards | Best ESG Research

Organized by Environmental Finance, the Sustainable Investment Awards recognize and highlight the work of asset managers that are incorporating ESG across all asset classes as well as the work of leading ESG service providers. For 2019, Sustainalytics won in the Best ESG Research category. 

IRRI Survey

Sustainalytics was consistently voted as one of the best independent responsible investment research firms and won the award three times since 2012.

Sustainability Linked Loans and ESG Risk Ratings

Leading banks globally use ESG ratings and data to identify lower-risk borrowers and meet sustainable financing goals.  Connect with us to know more about Sustainability Linked Loans and ESG Ratings.


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