Competitor Intelligence

The Sustainalytics Sustainability Intelligence Service has developed customized evaluation frameworks for more than 40 different industries. Using these frameworks as a base, we further customize the evaluation in relation to specific regions, company sizes and stakeholders, as per the results of stakeholder analysis. This customized sustainability evaluation framework is then applied to the company and its peers in order to evaluate absolute and relative ESG performance. This analysis provides companies with benchmarks, market intelligence, and a concrete understanding of industry best practices. These results are generated in three steps.


Our expert analysts score a company profile by ESG dimension, category and individual metric to provide objective, actionable data.


The sustainability performance of a company is compared against local and global peers. These comparisons provide detailed evaluations of competitor policies, practices and performances, and are completed with scores at the overall and per metric level. This identifies gaps between the company’s practices and industry best practices.


Sustainability best practices and international standards are identified with as much detail as possible with special attention given to performance areas that are linked to high stakeholder expectations. The examination of current industry best practices is an invaluable way to evaluate potential sustainability initiatives.

Striving towards best practices and adherence to international standards is perhaps one of the safest corporate strategies. Both stakeholders and society-at-large seek out and reward companies whose values align with their own.

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