Stakeholder Intelligence

In the past, companies were only concerned with three sets of stakeholders: governments, shareholders and employees. Governmental laws were the only things that governed how companies behaved. Today, companies are held accountable for the social and environmental impacts of their operations and for their positions on issues such as climate change, HIV/AIDS and globalization – issues often beyond the scope of government intervention. Company stakeholders now also include customers, partners, suppliers, communities, the environment and future generations.

Much like market research enabled consumer products companies to gain market share, companies engaged with a wide range of stakeholders can obtain insight about how to create value. Our Sustainability Stakeholder Intelligence Service provides tangible information about how stakeholders view the performance of a company or industry in relation to its peers. This kind of data allows for a deeper understanding of the sustainability concerns of stakeholders by providing a panoramic view of the changing external environment and the company’s profile within that environment.

To achieve this level of understanding of a company’s operating environment – which in turn helps clarify what is important to the community in which they operate – consultants conduct extensive interviews with internal and external stakeholders. This process has two outcomes:


Stakeholders are asked to identify the key sustainability impacts of the company and the industry under analysis. This information is then used to customize a corporate sustainability evaluation framework that best reflects the most relevant ESG issues. Our industry-specific evaluation frameworks have been developed over 15 years by analysts that specialize in key industries, assist in creating customized corporate sustainability profiles and conduct competitor intelligence.


Our consultants allow each stakeholder to provide their opinions about a company’s environmental and social performance anonymously. This kind of information often provides actionable market intelligence and serves as an assessment of the effectiveness, to date, of a company’s corporate communication strategies.

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