Sustainalytics Awards

In recent years, Sustainalytics has received several awards and nominations from organizations such as TBLI, Thomson Reuters Extel, Long Finance and the Social Investment Organization, to name a few. Sustainalytics shows outstanding leadership in the ESG space and has been recognized globally for its achievements. Thank you for all of your support over the past 20 years. We are looking forward to another 20 years of responsible investment milestones!

WeConveneExtel/ IRRI Survey 2014

2012, 2013 & 2014 Independent Research in Responsible Investment (IRRI) Survey - Best RI Analysis Firm

Sustainalytics was named the Best Independent RI Analysis Firm in the IRRI survey for three consectutive years. In 2014, the company's research analysts earned the most top 10 spots. Click here to read more.

2011/2012 Farsight Award

2014/2015 Farsight Award Banks: Like a Phoenix from the Ashes? sector report recognized

In 2015, Sustainalytics’ report Banks – Like a Phoenix from the Ashes? was highly commended by the judging panel. Click here to download the executive summary. Responsible Research (now Sustainalytics - Singapore) won the 2011/2012 Farsight Award for its report The Future of Fish in Asia. Click here to learn more about the Future of Fish in Asia.  The Farsight Award identifies the best individual piece of analysis that integrates ESG research into traditional financial analysis. 

2010 TBLI Award for Best ESG Research House

Sustainalytics was named the best ESG Research House at the TBLI Conference in London in 2010. Sustainalytics was recognized for its outstanding leadership and analysis in the field environmental, social and governance research.

2006 GLOBE Awards for Environmental Excellence

2006 GLOBE Awards - The Capital Markets Award for Sustainable Investment & Banking

Sustainalytics was recognized for its innovation in helping financial markets integrate environmental factors into investment and banking decisions.  


Recognition for Michael Jantzi, CEO, Sustainalytics

Sustainalytics' CEO Michael Janzi has also been recognized for his achievements in the areas of ESG research and responsible investment.

2012 Clean 50

2012 Delta Management Clean 50

In 2012 Michael Jantzi was recognized for his contribution to sustainable development and clean capitalism in Canada. Click here to read more.

2010 Social Investment Organization - Canadian SRI Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2010 Michael Jantzi received the first ever Canadian SRI Lifetime Achievement Award in honour of his commitment and dedication to the Canadian socially responsible investment industry. Click here to read more.