Controversial Weapons Radar

The Controversial Weapons Radar sets the world standard for institutional investors that seek the highest calibre of professional research and scope of coverage on corporate involvement in these controversial weapons.

The Controversial Weapons Radar covers the following seven types of weapons:

For nearly half a decade, our firm has conducted specialised research and gained extensive knowledge on the involvement of companies worldwide in the trade, production, research, or maintenance of controversial weapons. By initiating ongoing dialogue with companies that have any form of involvement in controversial weapons and consulting with multiple experts from the defence industry, NGOs, and representatives from governments, our analysts are able to review and improve the research methodology and the findings. The seven types of weapons covered through the Controversial Weapons Radar are considered controversial because of the indiscriminate and disproportional humanitarian impact they have on civilian populations.

Sustainalytics Controversial Weapons Radar provides investors with the information they need to perform a portfolio screen, identify companies involved with controversial weapons, or develop or complement a responsible investment strategy.

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