RI Policy Development and Implementation Process

Orientation to the RI Landscape

  • Global Trends Overview
  • PRI Briefing
  • Analyst Presentations

Sustainalytics provides clients with a complete orientation to the major trends shaping the world of RI. This includes the changing role of ESG factors in long-term investing, the evolving understanding of fiduciary duty, and the key initiatives, including the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Risk and Opportunities Identification

  • PortfolioEdge Audit
  • Assessment and Benchmarking of Existing Policies and Practices
  • Report on Options for RI Policy and ESG Integration

Sustainalytics then helps clients identify and assess the ESG risks they face as well as the best-suited RI opportunities for their investment goals. Our PortfolioEdge Audit is conducted using standard or customized criteria, and based on in-depth analysis in our global database. It identifies holdings that may generate risk and also assesses the ESG characteristics of a client’s portfolio overall, comparing it with relevant benchmark indices. We also review existing policies and practices and benchmark against peers.

RI Policy Development

  • Policy Creation
  • Proxy Voting Guidelines
  • Establishing Internal Systems and Capacity

Next, we work with clients to develop appropriate goals for RI policies and to integrate these goals into their existing investment policy. At this stage, consideration may be given to the possibility of becoming a signatory to the PRI, and to incorporating any values into the policy related to the organization’s goals or mandate. Successful implementation of an RI policy typically requires the establishment of new procedures and a supporting governance structure. Sustainalytics works with trustees, managers and others to help implement changes and build internal capacity to ensure success.

ESG Integration and Due Diligence

  • Engagement
  • Proxy Voting Services
  • Company Research
  • Portfolio Compliance Assessment
  • RI Intelligence
  • PRI Reporting

Finally, Sustainalytics assists in the ongoing implementation of an RI policy, providing engagement services as well as research support and assistance to ensure that funds remain in compliance with the policy. We also keep clients abreast of trends and new opportunities in RI. In addition, we offer assistance in annual reporting on compliance with the Principles to PRI signatories.

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RI Development and Implementation Process 

Responsible Investment Development and Implementation Process