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The Issuer Gateway Knowledge Hub houses a collection of information resources aimed at helping you understand Morningstar Sustainalytics' ESG research products, methodologies and research process. The Hub is a one-stop resource centre. We will keep you informed about updates to our ESG research models and the Issuer Gateway portal.  

Issuer Gateway Features

Resources that explain how to use the Issuer Gateway. For example, Uploading documents.

Product Methodologies and FAQs

ESG Risk Ratings: Access information on all aspects of the Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings model and methodology. This includes our research frameworks (“Comprehensive” and “Core”), Material ESG Issues (MEIs), Management Indicators, and Events/Controversies, among other topics. This section also covers details on the feedback process and research timelines.  

Corporate Governance: Sustainalytics’ Corporate Governance Ratings capture how well a company is managing governance challenges and opportunities. Learn about our research approach, the scoring model, and how we incorporate scores from the Corporate Governance report into the ESG Risk Rating, among other details.

Product Involvement: Sustainalytics’ Controversial Product Involvement (PI) Research identifies company involvement in particular products and services that some investors wish to exclude from their investment portfolios. Learn more about the products and services we include within our PI Research, our research process, our sources and how to access the research and submit comments, among other details. 

Sustainalytics Corporate Solutions

The Knowledge Hub also provides access to resources to support your business needs. This includes information from our Sustainalytics Corporate Solutions Team – which is operationally separate from the ESG Research Team – on leveraging your firm’s ESG Risk Rating via a license. You will be able to explore various use cases and issuer case studies.   

We hope you will benefit from these resources, which we believe will help to generate and maintain a steady and productive dialogue with us as part of your company’s ESG journey.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments.

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