Impact Solutions

Manage and report on the social and environmental impact of your portfolio


Increasingly, investors are looking to understand not only how ESG issues affect portfolio performance, but also how their investments can contribute to positive environmental and social impact. This shift correlates to a greater appreciation of factors that accompany the explosive growth of ESG integration caused by societal changes and the expanding international support for initiatives, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

Sustainalytics provides a number of solutions to help investors measure, manage and report on the social and environmental impact of their investments.

Sustainalytics’ Impact Solutions  

ESG Impact Framework

Sustainalytics’ ESG Impact Framework comprises six themes, which are aligned with the SDGs: Climate Action, Healthy Ecosystems, Resource Security, Basic Needs, Human Development and Leadership & Collaboration. This framework shapes our understanding of our impact focused product suite. 

Impact Metrics

Impact Metrics is a broad set of company-level metrics that provide measures of environmental and social outcomes. Investors can use these metrics to analyze and report on the impact of their portfolios and alignment to the SDGs and ESG Impact Framework. 

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Sustainable Products Research 

Sustainable Products Research identifies companies that are involved in a range of products and services that derive revenue from sustainable goods and services aligned to the SDGs and ESG Impact Framework. This includes products and services, such as renewable energy, affordable housing and green transportation. 

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Climate Solutions

Sustainalytics provides a number of solutions to help investors identify, assess and manage climate-related investment risks and opportunities, including carbon intensity, stranded assets and fossil fuel involvement research. Our flagship Carbon Risk Ratings assess the degree to which companies’ enterprise value is at risk, driven by society’s transition to a low-carbon economy.  

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Thematic Engagement

A proactive collaborative engagement program that focuses on ESG topics aligned to the SDGs, such as Climate Change and Human Capital. 

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Why Sustainalytics?


A Single Market Standard

Consistent approach to ESG assessments across the investment spectrum.


Award-Winning Research and Data

Firm recognized as Best ESG Research and Data Provider by Environmental Finance and Investment Week.


End-to-End ESG Solutions

ESG products and services that serve the entire investment value chain.


25+ Years ESG Expertise

350+ ESG research analysts across our global offices.


Largest Second-Party Opinion Provider

As recognized by Environmental Finance and the Climate Bonds Initiative.

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Five Commonly Asked Questions About Sustainalytics’ Approach to Impact

We launched our new Impact Metrics product to support investors’ growing need for more robust data that can be used to demonstrate how ESG-focused strategies can deliver real-world social and environmental outcomes. Since the launch, I have connected with many enthusiastic institutional investors eager to make sense of the rapidly evolving world of impact, excited to dive into impact data, and cautiously optimistic about supporting their clients’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and impact needs.