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Net Zero Business Models

Understanding the Risks and Opportunities of the Net Zero Transition

Part 1: Monday, October 4, 2021

Part I Agenda - October 4, 2021

Welcome Remarks

9:00am – 9:15am EDT/3:00pm – 3:15pm CEST

  • Michael Jantzi, Founder, Sustainalytics; Managing Director of ESG Strategy, Morningstar
  • Mark Van Clieaf, Managing Director, FutureZero
  • Michel Lerner, CFA, Global Co-Head Credit Suisse HOLT

A Message from CalSTRS Chief Investment Officer, Chris Ailman

9:15am - 9:35am EDT/3:15pm - 3:35pm CEST

Is the World Ready for the Innovation Required for a Net Zero Economy?

9:35am – 10:05am EDT/3:35pm – 4:05pm CEST

  • Mark Campanale, Founder & Executive Chair, Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • Kingsmill Bond, CFA, Energy Strategist, Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • Betty Jiang, CFA, Head of US ESG Research, Credit Suisse

In this session, you’ll gain a better understanding of what transformative changes are required for a Net Zero economy:

  • Why net zero is not just about fossil fuels, but a fundamental transformation of the entire global economy.
  • Hear about emerging market developments and whether they are an impediment to the global energy transition.
  • Gain a better understanding on whether technology innovation and S curves can grow at the speed necessary for a net zero economy.
  • How Sustainability and Net Zero Business Models are changing the global financial money flow.
  • Whether Corporate Board Members and the C-Suite are prepared for a world at the cusp of transformative change.

Transitioning To a Net-Zero Future

10:05am – 11:20am EDT/4:05pm – 5:20pm CEST

  • John Hopkins, CEO, NuScale
  • Karina Litvack, Board Member, ENI Italy; Board of Governors, CFA Institute, Chair; World Economic Forum, Climate Governance Initiative
  • Jim Goodfellow, Corporate Director

In this session, you’ll learn key principles to compete and win for a Net Zero Future:

  • Determine whether Larry Fink of Blackrock is correct about the scale needed to transition to Net Zero transition.
  • Recognize and contrast the differences between an Enterprise that needs incremental change to achieve net zero compared to an organization the requires transformational change.
  • Identify the four- new process steps to benchmark and stress test the current vs future state of Net Zero business models.
  • Understand the seven strategic choices Directors can make as part of their Net Zero strategy execution.
  • Apply a Carbon portfolio analysis tool to identify the scale and direction of growth in your business units and their carbon profiles in your business portfolio.
  • Spot what targets are and are not aligned to the Net Zero transition and which ones are often green and Net Zero Carbon washing.

The Journey of the Net Zero Transition - How to Evaluate Where You Are, and the Innovation Required to Win

11:20am – 12:35pm EDT/5:20pm – 6:35pm CEST

  • Kevin Paul, CFA, HOLT Sustainability Specialist
  • Tamara Close, CFA, Managing Director, CGC Consulting Group
  • Mark Van Clieaf, Managing Director, FutureZero
  • Betty Jiang, CFA, Head of US ESG Research, Credit Suisse

In this session, you’ll hear what’s required to transition to Net Zero:

  • How the Energy transition is a catalyst for a transformation of the global economy.
  • How business model design and the pathway to Net Zero is what truly matters.
  • How industry structures need to transform and how multiple levels of innovation and systems-level thinking are needed to get to Net Zero.
  • How new individual company and investment portfolio risk paradigms and methodologies (at the macro and micro level) are required in a Net Zero world – ESG / Climate beyond TCFD and SASB / VRF and real value drivers.
  • How to use new metrics like Carbon Adjusted Return on Capital (CAROC) and CO2e Tons / $ 1 million revenue as critical benchmarks to identify which companies are creating real value in their Net Zero Business Models (NZBM) and how far they are from Net Zero.
  • How Work Levels organization design and assessment for “strategic leadership” capacity are the key to transforming the global economy at a never-before-seen scale.
  • Why “Strategic Engagement” by institutional investors with investee companies will require new skills and new organization structures at both Asset Owners and Asset Managers.

Part 2 Agenda

Post COP26 | Trail Blazers and Best Practices

Thought Leaders and Real World Examples of Net Zero Business Model Transformation from the Front Line

  • Management - New Processes for ESG / Climate Integration
  • Investment Management and the Role of Strategic Engagement with Corporates
  • Managing Investment Risk for the Zero / Net Zero Transition & Transformation
  • The Corporate Board as a Catalyst and Champion for Transformational Change
  • The C-Suite and Net Zero Business Model Re-design – New Strategy, New Zero Emissions Products / Services Portfolio, New Metrics & Incentives, and New Leaders for Zero / Net Zero Transformation
  • The Role of Govt Policy Regulators and Courts as Net Zero Accelerators