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Triad Financial Services Affordable Home Framework Second-Party Opinion (2021) (English)


Triad Financial Services

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Sustainable Banking and Finance Services



Evaluation Date

Oct 2021

Evaluation Summary

Sustainalytics has reviewed the Triad Financial Services Affordable Home Loans Framework and is of the opinion that the components of the Framework are credible and that Triad Financial Services’ programme for financing eligible projects under the Framework will fund impactful social projects. Sustainalytics is of the opinion that the principles of impact and transparency that underlie the sustainable investment industry, as well as many of its norms and standards, are applicable to the Financing Program, and that the use of funds in eligible projects aligns with those principles. This opinion is based on the following: 


Triad originates loans with a social impact theme, namely Affordable Housing. The geographic focus of the originations will be primarily in the US and they will serve low- and moderate-income populations. Sustainalytics considers these originations to deliver overall social benefits.  


Triad demonstrates the principle of transparency through both its process for management of proceeds and commitment to ongoing reporting. Triad intends to facilitate financing for affordable manufactured housing across the US. The Company has adequate processes in place to ensure sound management of the Financing Programme and to mitigate key social and environmental risks associated with projects. Furthermore, Triad intends to report annually on the Financing Programme, including the percentage of eligible loans under the US Federal Community Reinvestment Act, the percentage of loans for homes with Energy Star rating and the distribution of originations volume by geography and consumer FICO scores. The reporting will be made available on ECN’s website within 60 days of the end of each calendar year. Sustainalytics considers this as aligned with market expectation.