What’s Happening in Sustainable Finance: Funding Emerging Markets’ Climate Adaption, Regulatory Focus on Scope 3 Emissions, and More

Posted on December 14, 2022



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Episode Summary


  • Nicholas Gandolfo, Director, Corporate Solutions
  • Aditi Bhatia, Regional Sales Manager, Corporate Solutions

In this episode, Nick and Aditi highlight developments in the sustainable finance markets as 2022 winds down. They note that global cumulative green bond issuance has surpassed the US$2 trillion threshold, marking another milestone for sustainable finance.1 They also discuss the diversification of key performance indicators used in sustainability-linked instruments, the growing opportunities for using sustainable finance as a tool to fund climate adaptation in emerging markets, and regulators’ increasing focus on reporting for scope 3 emissions. Finally, they respond to audience questions about impact investing and sleeper sustainability-linked loans.

Cumulative Issuance of Climate-aligned Bonds Passes $2 Trillion Mark 

According to the Climate Bonds Initiative, to date over US$2 trillion in greens bonds have been issued globally, marking another major milestone in sustainable finance. Despite broader market conditions resulting in lower volumes year-over-year, use of proceed bonds, such as green bonds, are rebounding slightly. 

Using Sustainable Finance to Support Funding in Emerging Markets 

When thinking about how to ensure a just transition, a recurring question is, "How can market participants initiate more financing for adaptation, resilience, and development, to help countries who are most vulnerable to climate change, but that are not major contributors to it?" One answer is sustainable finance. Sustainability-labeled debt can provide opportunities to drive and scale financial flows in emerging markets. Though issuing a green bond doesn’t eliminate the liquidity, currency or country risk facing some emerging market nations, hopefully more funds can be leveraged under the sustainable finance umbrella to drive additional financing and a just climate transition for these countries.  

Growing Regulatory Focus on Scope 3 Reporting 

Regulators globally continue to push for disclosure and reporting of scope 3 emissions. In October 2022, the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) voted unanimously to require companies to disclose scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, and will develop relief provisions to help companies apply the scope 3 requirements.2 This follows the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s proposal for climate disclosure published earlier this year which includes reporting on Scope 3 for large U.S. companies.  


Key Moments

0:00:51Market overview
0:01:24 Use of proceed rebound 
0:02:15CBI conference outcomes 
0:03:22Green bond issuances pass US$2 trillion globally 
0:04:08FCA report on fund labeling 
0:04:58CBI reports and consultations 
0:05:36Scope 3 reporting in the news 
0:06:21Sustainable finance for emerging markets 
0:07:01Funding instruments to support conservation - blended finance and debt to nature swaps 
0:09:00Green and social loans tied to banks SLL pools 
0:09:46SLB and SLL overview
0:14:04Audience questions
0:19:47Green bonds and loans overview
0:25:40Social bonds and loans overview
0:29:05Labeled products, transition bonds and regulatory updates


Links to Select Resources



1 Jones, L. 2022. “Green Bond Market Hits USD2tn Milestone at end of Q3 2022.” Climate Bonds Initiative Press Release. November 9, 2022. https://www.climatebonds.net/2022/11/green-bond-market-hits-usd2tn-milestone-end-q3-2022. 

 2 IFRS. 2022. ISSB unanimously confirms Scope 3 GHG emissions disclosure requirements with strong application support, among key decisions. IFRS Press Release. October 21, 2022. https://www.ifrs.org/news-and-events/news/2022/10/issb-unanimously-confirms-scope-3-ghg-emissions-disclosure-requirements-with-strong-application-support-among-key-decisions/?amp;amp.  



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