ESG Ratings and Sustainability Linked Loans

In the spring, Sustainalytics launched an Issuer Information Series covering our new ESG Risk Ratings, our company research and feedback process and sustainable finance trends.

The third session in our series takes a closer look at how companies can use their ESG ratings to support their capital raising efforts. In this discussion, Sustainalytics’ Sustainable Finance Solutions Director, Ian Howard and Product Manager, Trisha Taneja are joined by Chris Tregenna, Head of Treasury at Pennon Group, a leading British water utility company. They focus on how the sustainability linked loans market has developed, the benefits of sustainability linked loans over other forms of green finance as well as some of the challenges and opportunities faced by borrowers and banks.

Chris shares why Pennon Group decided to use Sustainalytics’ ESG ratings as a metric for its sustainability linked loan and details some of the advantages he sees for this type of financing. Please click below to watch a replay of the session.

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Understanding Sustainability Linked Loans

Still have questions about Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings? Visit our recent blog post, Your company’s ESG Rating: Understanding Sustainalytics’ Research Process and watch our previous information sessions to learn more about how Sustainalytics assesses companies’ ESG ratings and our research and feedback process.

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