Green Bond Second Party Opinions

Have your green bond framework evaluated with a second party opinion to ensure it is in line with market expectations and industry best practices and reassure investors with a review from a trusted industry leader


Evaluation of green bond framework to ensure alignment with market expectations and industry standards

Receive the necessary verification to get Climate Bonds certification

Go to market with high-quality, objective opinions that help to reassure investors

Benefit from our 25 years’ experience supporting leading responsible investors

Green Bond Services

Evaluation of green or social bond framework

We advise clients who want to develop bond frameworks aligned to market expectations and the ICMA’s guidance for green and social bonds.

Annual Compliance Reviews

Following the issuance, we can review bonds annually to ensure proceeds are allocated, managed and reported in compliance with the bond framework.

Second-Party Opinions

A review of your green and social bond framework will reassure investors that bond proceeds are going to be managed and allocated as per investor expectations.

Verification against Climate Bonds Standards

As an approved verifier, we can confirm that bonds meet the requirements of the Climate Bonds Standards.

License to disclose summary ESG report

Issuers can disclose a summary ESG report alongside a second-party opinion in their green bond roadshows. Disclosure of an ESG score and summary report provides investors with a strong signal on the issuer’s commitment to sustainability.

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Green Bond & Social Bond Second Party Opinions

Sustainalytics works with various issuers, from leading multinational corporations to financial institutions, non-profits and governments. The proceeds from these bonds have helped to support many social and environmental initiatives.


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