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Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Meet the EU’s SFDR compliance requirements



As part of the EU Sustainable Finance Action Plan, the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) raises the bar for transparency and accountability in investment management, introducing new rules to disclose ESG risks, adverse impacts and how environmental or social characteristics are attained. The regulation sets stringent new standards for funds based on their sustainability characteristics, and introduces the new requirement of reporting on "Principle Adverse Impacts" (PAIs).

Sustainalytics’ SFDR PAI Data Solution enables investors to consider these new PAI indicators in their investment decisions and simplify reporting requirements.  


Full coverage of all mandatory corporate and sovereign indicators and comprehensive coverage of 95% of voluntary indicators.

Research Universe

12,500+ Companies 

172 Countries


Beyond the PAIs, full compliance with the SFDR may require a more comprehensive set of ESG research solutions. Sustainalytics Client Advisory teams can advise you on finding the right mix to meet your organization’s compliance needs.

Key Features and Benefits


Comprehensive ESG Solutions

From security selection to active ownership, Sustainalytics can provide investors with a coherent set of solutions to identify and manage material ESG risks (as per SFDR requirements).


Established, High-quality ESG Research

Our ESG risk products and PAI Data Solution build on our well established and industry-leading ESG research.


Alignment between Company and Fund Data

Morningstar’s fund-level SFDR and PAI solutions leverages Sustainalytics’ company-level research ensuring consistency.


Dedicated ESG Client Advisory

With one of the largest dedicated ESG client advisory teams, we can advise clients on finding the right mix of ESG solutions to comply with all the SFDR requirements in a way that suits your organization’s needs.

Morningstar SFDR Fund and Portfolio Solutions

Morningstar collects and disseminates ESG fund type information based on SFDR disclosure requirements for funds that promote ESG characteristics (Article 8) or that have ESG investment objectives (Article 9). Through its market-leading “Full Holdings” database, users of third-party funds, like advisors and fund-of-funds, will be able to access the underlying securities’ PAI assessments.

How Sustainalytics’ ESG Research can be used to Comply with SFDR  

Meeting all the SFDR requirements will depend on the investor’s strategy and the desired ESG characteristics of their funds. The examples below are illustrative of how Sustainalytics’ ESG research could be used by investors.  


Can support the policy statements on integrating sustainability risks in investment decisions and risk management. The underlying data and metrics can support reporting requirements for funds categorized as having ESG characteristics (Article 8) or ESG investing objectives (article 9).


Corporate Governance is seen as foundational to the SFDR’s definition of “sustainable investment.”


Can support security selection decisions in relation to the creation of investment funds with ESG objectives (Article 9).


These services can support investors in managing ESG risks within their portfolio post investment. The Global Standards Engagement service focused on ensuring compliance to international standards that are referenced in SFDR regulation, such as the UN Global Compact and OECD Guidelines for Multinationals.


These research solutions can be used to create compliant investment universes by screening out companies that do not adhere to international standards or “do-no-significant-harm” criteria, respectively.


Aligned to Sustainalytics’ company research, Morningstar’s indexes can be used for reporting and benchmarking on ESG performance. 

Why Sustainalytics?


A Single Market Standard

Consistent approach to ESG assessments across the investment spectrum.


Award-Winning Research and Data

Firm recognized as Best ESG Research and Data Provider by Environmental Finance and Investment Week.


End-to-End ESG Solutions

ESG products and services that serve the entire investment value chain.


25+ Years ESG Expertise

350+ ESG research analysts across our global offices.


Largest Second-Party Opinion Provider

As recognized by Environmental Finance and the Climate Bonds Initiative.