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KnowTheChain is a resource for businesses and investors who need to understand and address forced labor abuses within their supply chains. It benchmarks current corporate practices, develops insights, and provides practical resources that inform investor decisions and enable companies to comply with growing legal obligations while operating more transparently and responsibly. In 2016, Sustainalytics supported the development of the KnowTheChain benchmark methodologies, conducted the company research and contributed to the key findings report.

Ranking Digital Rights is a non-profit research initiative housed at New America’s Open Technology Institute in Washington D.C., working with an international network of partners to promote greater respect for freedom of expression and privacy by focusing on the policies and practices of companies in the information communications technology (ICT) sector. Sustainalytics co-developed the methodology used to create their 2015 Corporate Accountability Index, which enables users, investors, activists, and policymakers to compare how – and whether – internet and telecommunications companies are making tangible efforts to respect digital rights

The Access to Nutrition Index  ranks the 22 largest companies on their contributions to tackling obesity and undernutrition and is published by the Access to Nutrition Foundation (ATNF), an independent non-profit organisation based in the Netherlands. ATNF is dedicated to objectively assessing and improving the contribution the private sector makes to addressing global nutrition challenges. Sustainalytics provided the company research for the 2016 index.

The Access to Seeds Index measures and compares the efforts of the world’s leading seed companies to enhance the productivity of smallholder farmers. The index is published by the Access to Seeds Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands dedicated to objectively assessing the contribution the seed industry is making to addressing smallholder farmer productivity. The research for the first edition of the Index, in 2016, was provided by Sustainalytics

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