Green Loans for Corporates and Borrowers

Green Loan Verifications for Corporates and Borrowers

About Green Loans

More often, companies are looking to finance environmentally-focused corporate initiatives with green loans. At the same time, many banks are expanding their product offerings through green lending.

The Green Loan Principles, issued by the Loan Market Association, define a "Green Loan" as any type of loan instrument made available exclusively to finance or refinance, in whole or in part, new and/or existing eligible green projects.

Align your green project to the four components of the Green Loan Principles:

Use of Proceeds
Management of Proceeds
Process and Project Evaluation
Reporting on Proceeds

Typically, lenders recommend – and sometimes require – that borrowers get an external review of their Green Loan Framework from a recognized opinion provider to ensure alignment with the Green Loan Principles.

Our Work on External Reviews

Sustainalytics is the largest external reviewer of Green Bonds, Social Bonds, and Sustainability Bonds with more than 300 second party opinions issued. Our dedicated and experienced team of Sustainable Finance experts have worked with business and government entities across geographies and sectors to ensure that bond issuances are aligned with investors’ interests and accepted frameworks.

Working together

Our globally placed sustainable finance solutions team can support you in the process of applying for a green loan and obtaining a second opinion. Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions:

Green Loan

As you formulate a Green Loan Framework, our team of experts reviews the framework to ensure that it aligns with the Green Loan Principles, especially in the intended use of proceeds.

External Verification
(Second-Party Opinion)

We are an experienced second-party opinion provider and can qualify your project as green. Our second-party opinion ensures the green credentials of your use of proceeds.

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