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Sustainalytics’ Thematic Research team regularly produces a wide variety of ESG research publications, including ESG spotlights, sector reports, thematic research and commissioned studies. The overarching aim of these publications is to explore material ESG themes and advance the broad field of responsible investment research. On this page, you can also find our collection of webinars and podcasts where we discuss some of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. Finally, you can also find a collection of case studies to learn how leading asset managers are integrating our research into their ESG investing practices.


Sustainalytics’ ESG Spotlights offer timely analysis of mainstream market events, including financial news and business developments, from an ESG perspective. Following a shorter format than our thematic reports, our ESG Spotlights provide you with a timely and succinct, but also very insightful analysis of potential ESG risks and opportunities.


Sustainalytics’ thematic research provides deep insight into specific ESG themes and explore related investment risks and opportunities. Previous analyses include award-winning reports on a wide ranging of topics. For example, learn about water scarcity, engagement and controversies. Each year, we also publish the “10 for” series that examines 10 hot ESG topics in the news.


Sustainalytics’ sector reports offer an in-depth overview of industry performance on material ESG issues. Leveraging our ESG Ratings and Research, the reports include quantitative research, best practices, historical trends, sector leaders and laggards. Whether you are a company or an investor, you can benefit from this research, which provides insight into the sustainability challenges facing different industries.


These reports were created as part of our Engagement Services offering.



Sustainalytics supports some of the leading asset managers with their ESG investing practices. In this series of case studies, we showcase their unique approach to integrating ESG criteria. Learn how they incorporate our ESG research into their investment processes.


Sustainalytics frequently showcases timely, groundbreaking ESG research from its partners as well as industry groups and collaborative studies. Learn more about complex ESG topics, such as nuclear power, nutrition, food security and the challenges facing the ICT sector.

Academic Partners

Professor Jean-Pascal Gond: Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility, Cass Business School; Head of the ETHOS Research Centre
  • O’Sullivan, N. and Gond, J. (2016), Engagement: Unlocking the black box of value creation (free access via our knowledge center)
Dr. Benjamin Auer: Associate Professor, Finance Department, Leipzig University



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