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COP26 Insight Hub for Investors and Companies

Get ESG research and data aligned to the climate change conference’s goals.

earth day 2021

COP26—the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference—took place from October 31 to November 12 in Glasgow, Scotland. World leaders met to finalize the rules needed for the Paris Agreement and resolve issues from the last conference. 

We invite you to access spotlight content related to the COP26 goals. Discover emerging climate action themes that can address the urgency of climate change and how the industry identifies risks and creates opportunities for a sustainable economy in the long term. Find sustainable investing insight related to carbon, greenhouse gases, water and more.

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Latest Insights from Sustainalytics

Climate Action for Investors

For Investors with Ambitions to Lead on Climate Action Post COP26

In the weeks following COP26, investors in the UK and worldwide face a myriad of upcoming climate-related regulations heading towards the implementation phase. In addition, major global coalitions such as the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero have sprung up to attempt to accelerate decarbonization via targeted investment.

cop26 trending themes for investors

COP 26: A Spotlight on Emerging Climate Action Themes for Investors

Reactions to the COP26 Conference and the resulting Glasgow Climate Pact have predictably run the gamut from claims of greenwashing to the celebration of progress in the fight against climate change. Ultimately, any judgement on COP26 may be premature, as the success of the conference will best be measured in time by the extent to which commitments made are put into motion. While we wait to see the concrete actions that materialize, the past two weeks have underscored the importance of several themes that will garner increasing attention and should be considered by sustainable investors.

COP26 Video 3

COP26 Goal #4 - Work Together to Deliver

Why do ESG research and ratings matter to financial market participants? Ulziitushig (Toshi) Batbuyan, Associate, Oil & Gas Research, talks about how investors can leverage Sustainalytics' ESG Risk Ratings in various capacities.

cop26 goal 3

COP26 Goal #3 – Mobilize Finance

How can governments, companies and financial institutions help to mobilize finance to achieve global climate goals? Mayur Mukati of Sustainalytics’ Corporate Solutions unit discusses the role of sustainable finance in supporting a just and sustainable climate transition.

COP26 Water Pavilion

COP26 Blue Zone Session Hosted by Sustainalytics.
Adaptation and resilience in urban water: Lessons from practice

Kata Molnar, Thematic Water Expert at Sustainalytics examines discusses the role of various stakeholders in creating appropriate disclosure frameworks and standards for water.

Morningstar Sustainability Insights

cop26 video

Testing the Credibility of ESG Commitments

Morningstar Indexes & Sustainalytics Take Companies to Task on “Net Zero” Carbon Reduction Pledges

COP26 Deforestation Pledge Will Empower Companies, Investors to Attack Supply Chain Emissions

Plan to save forests aims to end deforestation by 2030, slowing global warming.

cop26 insight hub

Climate Summit Gets 'Positive' Grade So Far, Sustainalytics Founder Says, Notwithstanding Worries About Broken Promises

Finance industry's net-zero aims are 'aspirational,' not greenwashing, Jantzi says.

COP26 and the Climate Finance Bubble

COP26 and the Climate Finance Bubble

Targeted private capital will play a critical role in ensuring nations meet the Paris Agreement’s emission reduction targets.

COP26 Goals

Goal 1


Secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach

Goal 2


Adapt to protect communities and
natural habitats 

Goal 3

Mobilize finance

Goal 4

Work together to deliver 

Goal 1

Secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach

oil refinery GHG

The Impact and Cost of Air Pollution: U.S. Petroleum Refineries

Investors can examine to what extent petroleum refiners manage their Non-GHG Air Emissions and assess the quality of a company's programs to reduce air pollutants. For instance, examining all the petroleum refiners assessed by Sustainalytics, we observe that only 3% have a strong program to manage non-greenhouse gas emissions.

energy crisis

What ESG Risks Should Investors Consider During the Energy Crisis?

As world leaders prepare to meet in Glasgow for COP26 to discuss accelerating climate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, an emerging energy crisis persists around the world.


Net-Zero Business Models Event

Watch the replay of our climate experts and business leaders for a multi-faceted discussion about the risks and opportunities associated with the transition to Net Zero. Our virtual conference brought together global thought leaders to share their insights on:


Impact of Climate Change and Extreme Weather on Essential Services

Utilities have found themselves in the literal and metaphorical eye of the storm over the last year as hurricanes, floods and wildfires of increasing frequency and strength have wreaked damage on their assets. In late August, Storm Ida made landfall in Louisiana, USA and devastated the power grid lines. Entergy, the utility operating in Louisiana, supplying most of New Orleans, restored 90% of the supply only by mid-September, with 87,000 customers still without power.

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Climate Solutions

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material risk engagement

Material Risk Engagement

A proactive engagement with companies with the greatest unmanaged financially-material ESG risks.

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Goal 2

Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats 

biodiversity species

Biodiversity: A Crisis Equaling, Possibly Exceeding, Climate Change

According to the UN’s Convention on Biological Diversity the main drivers of biodiversity loss are habitat loss and degradation, climate change, pollution, over-exploitation, and invasive species. Habitat loss is directly linked to the conversion of natural ecosystems to agricultural lands and unsustainable use of water resources.

cop26 video

COP26 Insight - Biodiversity

How does restoring ecosystems help with adaptation to climate change? Sustainalytics’ Thijs Huurdeman, Senior Associate, Consumer Goods Research, talks about the importance of Biodiversity and how it relates to Climate Change.

water ESG investing

Investing in Water for Positive Impact

With the threats of climate change and the existing inequalities in natural resource access and availability around the world, ensuring an adequate supply of clean water is necessary to ensure the well-being of all people across the world.

sustainable forests and finance

Climate Change – Sustainable Forests and Finance | Webinar

Listen in as Sustainalytics’ Engagement Manager, Henry Pallister-Dixon, sits down with Beatrice Crona from the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and the Stockholm Resilience Center at Stockholm University to discuss:

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Goal 3

Mobilize finance 

How Sustainable Finance is Shaping Change in Banking

How Sustainable Finance is Shaping Change in Banking

This ebook highlights key issues for banks, including strategies to embed ESG into lending and investment decisions, and important innovations in sustainable finance.

Sustainability-Linked Loans - A Bridge to Connect Corporate Sustainability and Finance

Sustainability-Linked Loans: A Bridge to Connect Corporate Sustainability and Finance

In this ebook, corporate borrowers will gain insight into the increasingly popular sustainability-linked loan instrument and how it can support corporate ESG improvements.

Navigating the fast evolving sustainable debt market event banner

Climate Week NYC: Navigating the Fast Evolving Sustainable Debt Market

While global green bond issuance has been growing rapidly, these instruments still represent a niche segment of the global bond market. Join Sustainalytics during Climate Week NYC for a virtual event on Navigating the Fast-Evolving Sustainable Debt Market.

What’s Happening in Sustainable Finance: The Push for Climate-Related Disclosures, Assessing SPT Ambitiousness, and More

Highlighting what’s new in the world of sustainable finance including the push for more company reporting climate-related risks, the emergence of more oil & gas companies exploring sustainable finance options and our tips on how companies can assess the ambitiousness of the targets used in sustainability-linked debt.

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Supply Chain Solutions

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Goal 4

Work together to deliver 

We can only rise to the challenges of the climate crisis by working together. 

For investors and companies to move the needle on climate action, market participants across the value chain rely on 
industry-renowned ESG research, ratings, and data. The team at Sustainalytics is steadfast in its commitment to support
clients and the industry with comprehensive solutions, consistent outcomes, and timely innovation. 

EU Action Plan SFDR

Momentum Around Principal Adverse Impact Data Remains Strong Despite SFDR Delays

Despite the shifting timelines, we observe that the market momentum around PAIs is not diminishing, quite the contrary. Investors in the scope of the regulation are using the fourth quarter of this year to get acquainted with PAI data and set up their systems. Most investors we speak with want to be prepared in time to be able to monitor PAIs throughout 2022 and adjust their portfolios to boost their PAIs (or rather limit the downside, as these are adverse impact indicators). This means that PAIs may significantly impact stock selection and portfolio construction by fund managers keen to have ‘good’ PAI scores.

Responsible Investing

Recent market trends put engagement and voting front and centre for responsible investors

From a market perspective, engagement and voting on governance issues have been used as levers for influence for a long time. On the other hand, environmental and social issues were historically addressed from a values-based perspective or primarily for fact-finding purposes. Today, many responsible investors leverage corporate dialogue as a tool to influence and drive meaningful change and impact

North American Material Risk Engagement Trends: ESG Reporting Frameworks, Emission Reduction Targets and Beyond

There are many factors that rating agencies consider within its overall assessment. For example, ESG rating companies tend to look for at least three years of ESG metrics to determine company trends and long-term ESG targets, goals, and strategies to manage and reduce ESG risks at least five years ahead. Read on to learn about how Sustainalytics' Material Risk Engagement program promotes and protects long-term value by engaging with high-risk companies on financially-material ESG issues. (A North American Snapshot)

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Investor Opportunities 

Our core research and ratings solutions have enabled the world’s leading institutional investors to identify, understand, and manage ESG-driven risks and opportunities. As a part of Morningstar, we continue to accelerate our efforts to bring meaningful ESG insights to investors of all types across different asset classes at the company and fund level. 

Corporate Opportunities 

Sustainalytics’ Corporate Solutions unit works with hundreds of companies and their financial intermediaries to help them consider sustainability in policies, practices, and capital projects. 

Confronting the global climate crisis involves diverse perspectives, adaptability, and collaboration. Learn more about how investors use ESG ratings to engage on environmental, social and governance factors.

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