ESG Products & Services

ESG Integration

Unlock long-term value by incorporating ESG criteria into your investment decisions

Integrate our company-level ESG research and ratings into key investment processes
Monitor companies year-round and assess corporate governance-related investment risks and opportunities
Align your portfolio to the future low-carbon economy
Complement traditional sovereign bond analyses to better understand reputational risks, long-term economic prospects and creditworthiness

Positive Impact

Align your investment strategy to a more just and sustainable economy

Identify companies that derive revenue from sustainable products and services
Analyze and report the impact of your portfolio and holdings on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and impact themes


Manage compliance and reputation risks when constructing your investable universe

Identify companies that breach, or risk breaching, the United Nation’s Global Compact
Identify companies involved in a range of products, services and business activities
Identify companies involved in incidents and events that may negatively impact stakeholders or the environment
Weapons Research
Identify companies involved in weapons with a disproportionate and indiscriminate impact on civilians
Identify publicly-listed companies that sell arms to sanctioned countries or countries with a high risk of violence against civilians.
Identify countries in breach of UN, US and EU sanctions criteria and manage associated reputational risks in your sovereign bond portfolio
Identify and understand companies’ involvement in countries and territories where there is a high risk of human rights violation


Manage reputation risk and increase corporate accountability through proactive, professional and constructive engagement

An incident-driven engagement service that identifies companies not in compliance with accepted international conventions
A proactive, impact-oriented engagement service that focuses on addressing critical ESG issues
Manage financially-material ESG issues in high-risk companies


Learn about the different ways you can access Sustainalytics research products

Access our research through our user-friendly investor interface with easy to use screening and reporting tools
Access our research through an internal or a third-party system of your choice
Access our research through a third-party system of your choice, including Bloomberg, Factset and Morningstar Direct


Develop and maintain social and environmentally themed indexes

Construct and maintain ESG and sustainability indexes with our research and support
View the indexes we created to track the most sustainable companies
View ESG-themed indexes and passive funds that incorporate our research


Go to market with a credible sustainable bond or license our ESG Rating for capital raising activities

Have your green and social bond framework evaluated and reassure investors with an independent (annual) review
License Sustainalytics’ company ESG Rating for capital raising activities


Develop thematic benchmarks, assess partnership risk and build on our extensive body of research

Tap into Sustainalytics’ research capabilities to create your own sustainability ranking or support a large research project