Sustainalytics hosts online webinars on the ESG and corporate governance issues and trends that are relevant to responsible investors. These in-depth sessions offer the audience a better understanding of specific ESG risks and opportunities. Below you can find an overview of our upcoming and previous webinars including the webinar recordings, presentations and more.

10 for 2016 - The Paris Agreement: Triumph of the Optimists

10 for 2016 – The Paris Agreement: Triumph of the Optimists - February 18, 10am EST/4pm CET

In this presentation Sustainalytics presents the findings from our 10 for 2010 report. The webinar will include a top-down assessment of the COP21 Summit agreement and a bottom-up analysis of ten companies making headway on addressing climate change.

Doug Morrow, Associate Director, Thematic Research, Sustainalytics
Dr. Hendrik Garz, Executive Director, Thematic Research, Sustainalytics (moderator)

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Corporate Accountability Index

Sustainalytics / Ranking Digital Rights Webinar: Findings from the Corporate Accountability Index

In this interview-style webinar Ranking Digital Rights’ Rebecca MacKinnon shared insight on the findings of the Index and Sustainalytics’ Matthew Barg discussed the methodology and company engagement efforts.  

Rebecca MacKinnon, Project Director, Ranking Digital Rights
Matthew Barg, Senior Analyst, Sustainalytics
Doug Morrow, Associate Director, Thematic Research, Sustainalytics 

Real Estate Sector Report

Real Estate: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Sustainalytics presented the key ESG trends impacting the real estate sector and discussed the leading investment risk and opportunities for companies in the sector. The most material ESG issues identified for the sector include: energy use and GHG emissions, product sustainability and business ethics.

Niamh O’Sullivan, Associate Analyst, Thematic Research
Doug Morrow, Associate Director, Thematic Research

Insurance: Shedding New Light on Industry Challenges

Insurance: Shedding Light on New Industry Challenges
In this webinar we presented the findings from our insurance sector report. Our analyst team examined the trends impacting the industry and the ESG investment risks and opportunities of 149 public and private insurance companies. Based on our research, responsible finance, financial product governance and business ethics are the most material ESG issues for the sector.

Doug Morrow, Associate Director, Thematic Research, Sustainalytics
Silvana van Schaik, Associate Analyst, ESG Research, Sustainalytics

Utilities - The Great Transformation Begins

Utilities: The Great Transformation Begins - Sector Report Webinar
In this webinar we presented the findings from our utilities sector report. The report examines the ESG risks and opportunities at 234 public and non-public utilities companies. Our research shows greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and effluents and waste, community relations and product sustainability are the most material ESG issues for the utilities sector.

Doug Morrow, Associate Director, Thematic Research, Sustainalytics
Reginald-Michel Koizumi, Associate Analyst, ESG Research, Sustainalytics

Sustainalytics / Russell Investments Webinar: ESG Tilts and Value Creation
In this interview-style webinar Russell Investments' Leola Ross and William Pearce examine the relationship between ESG tilts and value creation in active security selection. They also shared insights from the report, including regional differences to ESG approaches, ESG scores for developed markets versus emerging markets, and why investors may want to focus more on the impact of ESG on investment returns.

Leola Ross, Ph.D. CFA, Director, Capital Markets Research, Russell Investments
William Pearce, ASIP, Portfolio Manager, Multi-Asset Portfolios, Russell Investments
Max Zehrt, CFA, Director, Advisory Services, Sustainalytics

Pharmaceuticals: Securing trust, maintaining profitability sector report

Thematic Report Webinar: 10 for 2015 - Generating Value in a Fragile Market
In this webinar, Sustainalytics' Dr Hendrik Garz and Doug Morrow share insight into the findings from the report 10 for 2015 - Generating Value in a Fragile Market, with a specific emphasis on the 10 companies. The stories include five companies with a negative tilt and five with a positive tilt, and each story addresses key ESG issues that are likely to have a material impact on companies' operations.

Sustainalytics presenters:
Dr. Hendrik Garz, Managing Director Thematic Research
Doug Morrow, Associate Director Thematic Research

Pharmaceuticals: Securing trust, maintaining profitability sector report

Pharmaceuticals: Securing trust, maintaining profitability - Sector Report Webinar
In this webinar, Sustainalytics’ healthcare expert Hazel Goedhart share insight into why access to healthcare, product quality and safety and business ethics represent the most significant investment risks and opportunities for the pharmaceutical sector. She also discusses the key ESG trends affecting the industry.

Sustainalytics presenter:
Hazel Goedhart, Sector Manager Healthcare and Chemicals

Regional broadcaster Channel NewsAsia, with its partners CSR Asia and Sustainalytics, launched the Channel NewsAsia Sustainability Ranking  for Asia’s top businesses at the CSR Asia Summit in Hong Kong on September 16-17, 2014. 
This 45-minute webinar, led by Sustainalytics Associate Director Annie White and CSR Asia Chairman, Richard Welford, provides an in-depth review of the 2014 ranking, the methodology and a clear understanding of what makes the Top 100 companies unique and best practices in corporate sustainability throughout the region.
Drones and Human Rights: Emerging Issues for Responsible Investors
In this webinar, Sustainalytics defence sector expert Terence Berkleef and human rights specialist Ilse Griek explore the current developments and issues surrounding drones. They also offer potential strategies through which investors can manage their exposure to human rights issues related to the proliferation of drones. Download the related report here.

Sustainalytics presenters: Terence Berkleef, Product Manager, Advisory Services; Ilse Griek, Responsible Investment Associate, Advisory Services
Gaining Ground: Tracking Corporate Progress on the Road to Sustainability
Ceres and Sustainalytics' joint report, tracks the progress of nearly 80 percent of total U.S. market capitalization to integrate sustainability into their business systems and decision-making. This webinar explores how leading companies are embedding sustainability within their organizations, and what investors expect of a sustainable company in the 21st century.

Moderator: Eric Roston. Sustainability Editor, Bloomberg Sustainability
Speakers: Paul Boykas, Vice President of Global Public Policy, PepsiCo, Michael Jacobson, Director of Corporate Responsibility, Intel, Andrea Moffat, Vice President, Corporate Program, Ceres and Adadeh Sabour, Senior Manager, Sustainalytics

WEBinASIA: Mining in Asia l How to Manage ESG Risks?
Peter Albert, CEO of G-Resources and Loic Dujardin, Research Director at Sustainalytics highlighted the ESG-related risks such as water scarcity, health and safety, community relations and corruption that can significantly impact mining companies' bottom line and therefore, investor portfolios. Loic drew on Sustainalytics research to show investors how to identify the companies in their portfolios with exposure to such risks and recommendations to manage these risks while Peter discussed the above mentioned ESG risks in relation to G-Resources' operations and their ability to manage these risks.

Sustainalytics moderator and presenter:Loic Dujardin, Director, Research Products
Guest: Peter Albert, CEO, G-Resources Group Limited

WEBinASIA: How to Manage Flood Risk in Asia
Dr. Upmanu Lall, Director of the Columbia Water Center, Columbia University and Loic Dujardin, Director of Research at Sustainalytics discuss how the research done under the Columbia Global Flood Initiative can be used by companies in Asia to identify flood risk and predict losses from direct operations or their supply chain. The session also addresses how companies can report the results of this research to investors and how investors can use this research to map flood risk in their portfolio.

Sustainalytics moderator and presenter:Loic Dujardin, Director, Research Products
Guest: Dr. Upmanu Lall, Director of the Columbia Water Center, Columbia University
Pills Pharma in india and china Sustainalytics

Pharma in China and India: Market-Specific Social Risks and Opportunities
Based on a report of the same name written by Sustainalytics Analyst, Hazel Goedhart, this webinar discusses the material social risks facing both global and local players in the pharmaceuticals industry. Panelists also examined the opportunities market shifts could afford forward looking companies to not only increase their market share, but also become industry ESG leaders.

Sustainalytics presenters: Hazel Goedhart, Associate Analyst and report author
Guests: Lloyd Kurtz, Chief Investment Officer, Nelson Capital Management and Jay Iyer, Head of Research, Access to Medicine.

Tax transparency webinra

Multinational Corporations and Tax Transparency: Issues for Responsible Investors (September 2013)
Based on a report of the same name commissioned by Arisaig Partners, this webinar will delve the issue of tax transparency among multinationals and examine some contentious and controversial practices. The panelists also examined the risks tax avoidance strategies pose to multinational corporations and investors and suggested some tax strategies that should be avoided and adopted

Sustainalytics presenters: Zach Paris, Client Relations Adviser and report author
Guest: Katharine Teague, Senior Private Sector Adviser, Christian Aid; Rebecca Lewis, Investment Analyst, Arisaig Partners

Emissions reduction in the shipping indsurty

Emission Reduction in the Shipping Industry (June 2013)
Based on a report commissioned by First State Stewart, this webinar outlines the current and forthcoming environmental regulations facing the shipping industry. Despite presenting some compliance challenges for shipping companies and their investors, these regulations also present opportunities for companies providing emission-reducing solutions to the industry.

Sustainalytics presenters: Jean-Florent Helfre, Client Relations Associate and transportation specialist
Guests: Amanda McCluskey, Senior Investment Manager and Co-head of Sustainable Funds, First State Stewart; Simon Ng, Head of Transport and Sustainability Research, Civic Exchange

Palm oil seed

Asian Palm Oil Producers Foray into Frontier African Markets (March 12 & 14, 2013)
Based on the January 2013 ESG Insights Asia report (available to Sustainalytics clients), these webinars highlight the potential risks faced by palm oil producers and their investors as the companies plan to expand their operations into Africa.

Sustainalytics presenters: Gurneesh Bhandal, Associate Analyst; Jungho Park, Analyst
Guests: Piet Klop, Senior Advisor, Responsible Investments, PGGM Investments; Mark Wong, Head Sustainability Reporting, Sime Darby Berhad

Unconventional Oil and Gas Webinar Series: Shale Gas Development: Australian Edition (November 2012)
In the third instalment of our Unconventional Oil and Gas Webinar Series the investment risks related to natural gas development in Australia – specifically coal seam and shale gas – are discussed. The panellists also offer recommendations to responsible investors wishing to encourage best practices among companies in the sector and mitigate related environmental and reputational risks.

Sustainalytics presenters: Dayna Linley-Jones, Senior Analyst, Sustainalytics
Guests: Pablo Berrutti, Head of Responsible Investment Asia Pacific, Colonial First State Asset Management and Nithya Iyer, Manager, Environmental and Social Responsibility, ACSI

Worker Equity in Food and Agriculture

Worker Equity in Food and Agriculture (November 2012)
Based on the joint report authored by the Tellus Institute and Sustainalytics, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, this webinar shed light on the often ignored issue of worker welfare in the food industry. The practices and policies of some of the largest and most influential food companies in the U.S. were examined. Major challenges are identified across the industry and the authors proposed avenues of influence for companies and investors going forward.

Presenters: Marjorie Kelly, Fellow, Tellus Institute; Heather Lang, Director, Research Products, North America, Sustainalytics


Building a Sustainable South African Food Retail Sector: Issues for Responsible Investors (September 2012)
Presented by Sustainalytics and Arisaig Partners
Based on the recent study commissioned by Arisaig Partners, this webinar looks at the environmental, social and governance issues faced by South African food retailers. On-the-ground reseach has yielded findings which will be valuable to the industry, investors and other stakeholders. 

Sustainalytics' Presenter: Kevin Ranney, Director, Advisory Services
Guests: Rebecca Lewis, Investment Analyst, Arisaig Partners; Nicky Van Hille, Director, The Moss Group; Kevin O'Brien, Company Secretary and Head of Sustainability, SPAR

Unconventional Oil and Gas webinar series: Deepwater and Arctic Drilling (June 2012)
The second webinar in the unconventional oil and gas series discussed the potential risks faced by companies that continue to test environmental boundaries in oil and gas development.

Sustainalytics' Presenter: Alberto Serna Martín, Associate Analyst, Research Products
Guest Speaker: Jeremy Kent, Research Associate, RCM UK
Moderator: Hugh Wheelan, Managing Editor and Co-Founder Responsible Investor

Responsible Investments in Emerging Markets (April 2012)
In this webinar Sustainalytics discussed the ways that investors can effectively integrate an ESG strategy into their emerging market equity portfolios.

Sustainalytics' Presenters: Andrea van Dijk, Senior Manager, Research Products and Lotte Griek, Research Manager
Guest Speakers: Benjamin McCarron, Head of Research at Responsible Research and Rebecca Lewis, Investment Analyst at Arisaig Partners

Unconventional Oil and Gas webinar series: Shale Gas Development (April 2012)
Sustainalytics details the potential risks faced by companies that continue to test environmental boundaries in oil and gas development.

Sustainalytics' Presenter: Dayna Linley, Senior Analyst
Guest Speaker: Elizabeth McGeveran, Senior Vice President, Governance & Sustainable Investment at F&C Management

License to Operate: Indigenous Relations and Free, Prior and Informed Consent (March 2012)
Sustainalytics examines the challenges of implementing free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) policies for natural resource development projects.

Sustainalytics' Presenter: Irene Sosa, Senior Analyst
Guest Speakers: Philippe Bélanger, Analyst and Assistant Director, RRSE and François Meloche, Extra Financial Risk Manager, Bâtirente

Access to Medicine: Perspectives on the Medicines Patent Pool (June 2011)
Sustainalytics explores the issue of access to medicine and the role pharmaceutical companies and their investors can play in improving access worldwide.

Sustainalytics' Presenters: Laurence Loubières, Senior Analyst and Purasisi Jinadasa, Associate Analyst
Guest Speakers: Rohit Malpani, Senior Advisor, Campaigns, Oxfam America; Ellen ‘t Hoen, Executive Director, Medicines Patent Pool; and Lauren Compere, Managing Director/Director of Shareholder Engagement, Boston Common Asset Management

Complicity in the Congo: Investor Risk in the Minerals Supply Chain (October 2010)
Sustainalytics examines  the issue of conflict minerals in the technology hardware supply chain. Technology hardware companies are facing a challenge to their reputations as good corporate citizens.

Sustainalytics' Presenters: Azadeh Sabour, Senior Sustainability Intelligence Consultant and Matthew Barg, Associate Analyst
Guest Speakers: Jay Celorie, Global Program Manager for Conflict Minerals, HP and Sasha Lezhnev, Policy Advisor to The Enough Project and Executive Director of the Grassroots Reconciliation Group

The Bitter Taste of Cocoa: Supply Chain Risks and Opportunities (June 2010)
Sustainalytics examines the issue of indirect use of child labour in the cocoa industry. Despite efforts to alleviate risks in their supply chain and to be more transparent, the cocoa industry continues to be the subject of many controversies.

Sustainalytics' Presenter: Esther Hougee, Director, Research Products, Europe
Guest Speaker: Anna Pot, Senior Sustainability Specialist, APG Asset Management

Insurance and Climate Change: Taking Risk Management to the Next Level (May 2010)
Sustainalytics outlines the risks and opportunities climate change presents to the insurance industry which experiences the direct and indirect impacts of climate change, and this affects shareholders and other key investors as the number and cost of climate-related insurance claims steadily rises.

Sustainalytics' Presenter: Laurence Loubières, Senior Analyst

Sifting Through the Sand: The Alberta oil Sands and Investor (April 2010)
Sustainalytics provides an overview of the situation in the Albertan oil sands in this presentation.

Sustainalytics' Presenter: Dayna Linley, Senior Analyst