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M&A deals graph

ESG Spotlight | ESG compatibility: a hidden success factor in M&A transactions

This report explores how environmental, social and governance (ESG) compatibility may contribute to the financial success of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Although M&As can present synergistic opportunities, firms involved in such deals are prone to several risks.

money laundering preparedness pie chart

ESG Spotlight | Money laundering and tax evasion

Policies to counteract money laundering and tax evasion activities have long been mandated by regulation, but a series of recent controversies, including Lux Leaks (2014), Panama Papers (2016) and Russian Laundromat (2017), has put banks’ programmes in these areas under unprecedented scrutiny.

ESG scores and CRA ratings chart

ESG Spotlight | Game of bonds: reassessing sovereign credit ratings

In this Spotlight report, we build on this interest by developing a new approach for connecting ESG and credit rating agency (CRA) data. The first part of our analysis looks at the correlation between ESG scores and CRA ratings,