Q&A | How Companies Are Using Sustainability-Linked Compensation to Advance ESG Goals

Can sustainability-linked compensation advance ESG goals? The first part of our Q&A with Sustainalytics' resident expert tackles this and a few other interesting questions.

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Sustainable Investment Calculations Under MiFID II and SFDR Remain Perplexing for ESG Investors

The various interpretations of the sustainable investment definition introduced by the SFDR and leveraged in MiFID II leave many market participants unsettled, having to decide between approaches that have different benefits and limitations in the short to medium term.


The Road to Our 1000th SPO: How We Got Here and What’s Next in Sustainable Finance

As a global leader in second-party opinions (SPOs) of sustainable bonds and loans, Sustainalytics maintains a unique vantage point to observe how the market has changed. Here are some noteworthy developments.

What's Happening in Sustainable Finance: Whether War Could Spur Adoption of Renewables, Thoughts on Just Adaptation, and More

In this month’s round-up of the sustainable finance market, we discuss how geopolitical conflicts could spur the adoption of renewables, considerations for a just adaptation, and much more.

eBook | Future-Proofing Supply Chains 2022 | Sustainalytics

ESG Due Diligence in Supply Chains: Is Your Company Ready for the German Supply Chain Act?

Germany’s Act on Corporate Due Diligence in Supply Chains, set to come into effect in January 2023. This blog offers an overview on what’s included in the legislation, and how your company needs to prepare.


A Sustainable Finance Insider’s Perspective at the ICMA Annual Conference

Insights from the ICMA's 54th Annual General Meeting and Conference held in June 2022, in Vienna, with 900 delegates from 40 countries.

Listen to the latest episode of the Sustainalytics Podcast | Aligning Executive Action to Strategy With Sustainability-Linked Compensation

The Sustainalytics Podcast | Addressing Material ESG Issues: Practical Insights From our Expert Webinar Panel

Sharing insights from our webinar “Addressing Key Corporate ESG Issues: Lessons From Industries With High ESG Risk”. In clips from the live session, our sector analysts discuss the importance of measuring and managing material ESG issues such as environmental impacts, community relations and occupational health and safety.

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Banks’ ESG Risks Related to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Investors’ Radars

Investor interest in the banking sector remains high as the impact of Russian sanctions unfolds. Based on Morningstar Sustainalytics’ research, total unmanaged risk has increased for both Russian and international banks with exposure to Russian clients. To what extent have sanctions affected banks’ total unmanaged risk?

Sustainalytics Podcast

What's Happening in Sustainable Finance: Rhino Bonds Support Conservation, Spotlight on Social Bonds, and More

A round-up of recent developments in the global sustainable finance market. From innovative instruments for financing conservation efforts to growing ESG activity in the private equity space to a new taxonomy for social bonds.

•	Financing the Future: An Interview on High ESG Risk Industries and Opportunities for Banks

Financing the Future: An Interview on High ESG Risk Industries and Opportunities for Banks

Companies in industrial conglomerates, steel, diversified metals, precious metals, and oil and gas producers can make take meaningful steps to reduce their material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk – and the negative impacts that go along with those risks. But they need guidance and access to finance. Read on to learn how banks are working with clients in these high-risk industries to set and meet targets for material improvements on ESG risk factors.

What's Happening in Sustainable Finance: Impact Reporting for Bonds, the Low-carbon Transition for the Cement Industry, and More

In addition to our detailed overview of recent developments in the green, social, and sustainability-linked finance space, in this episode we welcome special guest Simon Vacklen, Sustainalytics’ Corporate Solutions senior manager, to discuss impact reporting for use of proceed bonds.

Listen to the latest episode of the Sustainalytics Podcast | Aligning Executive Action to Strategy With Sustainability-Linked Compensation

What's Happening in Sustainable Finance: ESG Market Continues Rapid Growth, Climate Risks Top WEF List, and More

We’re seeing rapid growth and diversification in the ESG market, with companies increasingly using sustainable bonds, loans, and deposits to finance emissions reductions, renewable energy, waste and water management, transition plans, and more.

Women seated around a boardroom table - A Call For Progress on DEI

Answering the Call for Progress: How Companies Can Respond to Investor Demands on DEI

In this blog post we share what companies can do to communicate their progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to investors and other key stakeholders, particularly with respect to gender diversity and advancing women’s socio-economic status.

Shanghai skyline | China's Burgeoning Green Bond Market

China’s Burgeoning Green Bond Market: Developments, Characteristics, and Outlook

Insights on China's growing green bond market, including recent developments, key characteristics, and expectations for the world's second largest market.

Sustainalytics Podcast

What’s Happening in Sustainable Finance: Evidence of a Social Bond Premium, the Elements of a Just Transition and More

Get an update on recent deals and transactions in the global sustainable finance market, notable reports, and thoughtful insights from Sustainalytics’ sustainable finance experts.

Checklist: 5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Journey to a Nature-Positive Business

Learn the five key steps companies can take to better address their biodiversity impacts and start building a more nature-positive business.

Financing the Future: Conversations on Sustainable Finance

Financing the Future: An Interview on How Banks are Embarking on Their ESG Journeys

Financing the Future: Conversations in Sustainable Finance is a Q&A series where we sit down with featured ESG experts from Sustainalytics, sharing their insights on how businesses are using finance to meet the challenges of our transition to a sustainable future.

Maximum Impact: How Bond Impact Reporting Can Improve Corporate Decision Making

When companies measure and report the environmental and social impacts of their operations, they can demonstrate to investors large and small that their green and social bonds are reliable investments for maximum impact. Then investors can optimize their portfolios for impact as they do for risk and reward and companies can optimize their efforts to improve.

Measuring What Matters: Initiatives for Climate Related Impact and Disclosure - hot orange in the sky

Measuring What Matters: Initiatives for Banks' Climate-Related Impact and Disclosure

To help financial institutions examining the climate impact of their portfolios, we’ve compiled a list of the initiatives and organizations offering guidance on the collection, measurement, and disclosure of climate-related financial data.

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What’s Happening in Sustainable Finance: Reflecting on COP26 Pledges, Sustainable Finance for Gender Equality, and More

In this episode we highlight some of the outcomes from COP26, a new report on using sustainable debt to further gender equality, as well as recent deals, developments, and research in the global sustainable finance market.